100% of young athletes should experience a woman coach at some point in their playing career.

As the Alliance makes a big push to bring in and reach more coaches at all levels, our goal is to have 100 individuals either give or raise $100 by Wednesday, May 23.

As coaches, we always ask athletes to “Give 100%!” Now, in support of women coaches, we’re asking: 100 for 100. $100 so that 100% of athletes get to experience the power of a female coach.

Only 41% of women's intercollegiate teams are coached by women, and less than 15% of youth coaches are women.

The Alliance wants to build a pipeline to add women coaches to the profession. By reaching our goal, in the next year the Alliance will expand our Mentor Program and recruit and train new women coaches in youth sports.

The Alliance would not exist without the generous support of our donors. Thank you for supporting women coaches and the future of our young athletes!


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